Eagles get encouraging news about Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were able to win a Super Bowl with Nick Foles at the helm, but Philadelphia fans should be encouraged by Carson Wentz’s recovery.

Carson Wentz isn’t a lock to be the Eagles’ starter on Week 1, but his recovery is starting to gain serious momentum. Philadelphia fans should be very excited that he’s already starting to participate in 7-on-7 drills with the team.

Of course, they should be even more excited to learn how tight end Zach Ertz feels about the way Wentz is throwing the ball. He claims his starting signal caller is throwing the ball with the “same zip” as he did before his injury. If he’s already doing that in June, it bodes very well for his chance to be ready in September.

In fairness, the Eagles coaching staff is still being appropriately cautious with their prized possession. Wentz is only getting a fraction of the snaps with the first team at this point. That shouldn’t concern anyone. Wentz’s stamina will come along in time. The important thing for the time being is that he’s already showing the ability to throw the ball at full throttle.

Don’t expect the Eagles to ramp up Wentz’s rehab significantly any time soon. The coaching staff understands that having Nick Foles on the roster gives them an extreme luxury. They don’t have to push Wentz to get ready for Week One. Foles has proven that he’s more than capable of winning a start or two for the team.

That doesn’t mean Wentz won’t try to push the envelope. At some point, his competitive spirit is really going to kick in. The team might be alright with him missing a start or two, but Wentz is going to be desperate to get back on the field with his teammates. It could easily lead to a battle of wills between Wentz and the team’s medical staff.

These are all good problems for the Eagles to have. None of their competitors will give them any compassion for Wentz recovering from injury too soon. The Super Bowl champions may soon have their top offensive weapon back in the flock.

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