Melvin Ingram guarantees Super Bowl, but there’s one problem

Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers have had a great offseason, and look like a team on the rise. So much so that Melvin Ingram has pretty high hopes for this season. There’s just one problem.

The Los Angeles Chargers were pretty close to winning the AFC West last season. They came into Arrowhead Stadium in Week 15 with a chance to snag the division lead from the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, they fell flat on their face en route to a 30-13 defeat.

The Chiefs would eventually go on to win the AFC West for the second consecutive season, and the Chargers missed the playoffs.

Every season is a new season with new goals. Chargers’ outside linebacker Melvin Ingram has one goal in mind. That’s to win the Super Bowl. In fact, he’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll bring home the Lombardi Trophy next February.

There’s just one problem. They need to worry about winning the AFC West before they can think about winning a title. As mentioned before the Chargers had a chance to win the division for the first time since 2009 and they pretty much blew it in Kansas City.

Speaking of Kansas City, the Chiefs have won the division the past two years, and the Chargers haven’t beaten them since 2013.

The Chargers have done a lot of good things this offseason, more specifically in the draft. They brought in Derwin James who have an immediate impact in their secondary. Not to mention their first-round pick from 2017, Mike Williams, should be healthy this season which will be a big boost to the passing game.

Things are definitely looking up for them, but seeing as it seems like they find a new way to lose every week history isn’t on their side. It’s good that Ingram has a lot of confidence in his team, but they should probably focus on beating the division champs before they think about a Super Bowl.

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