Drew Brees gifts new prosthesis to high school quarterback

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees gifted a high school quarterback a prosthesis after his leg was removed during a freak on-field injury.

If this doesn’t make your eyes well up with happy tears I don’t know what will.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees gave a high school quarterback a new prosthesis this week, and a promise of an upgrade, after the teenager had his leg amputated.

Alex Ruiz, who wears a number 9 jersey in honor of his favorite player, suffered a serious knee injury the field last fall while playing for Linfield Christian High School in Temecula, California and had to have his lower leg removed. This is Ruiz’s first walking prosthesis.

Brees also promised the boy that he would pay for an athletic training prosthesis once the boy is ready for the upgrade.

“It was a very emotional presentation and really exciting for everyone in our league to be a part of it,” Brees, told ESPN.

Brees presented the leg to Ruiz on Friday through the Football ‘N’ America flag football league that he is the co-founder of.

“If there’s anything above cloud nine, that’s where I’m at right now,” Ruiz said.

The pair posed for photographs and even threw a pass.

This is not the first time that the Brees has heard Ruiz’s story. A friend in the Temecula area alerted Brees when the injury first happened and he sent a personalized jersey to the 17-year-old.

“This is what it’s all about — providing the best family experience we can through our FNA flag football leagues and connecting with the communities in which we play,” Brees said.

Brees is a highly decorated quarterback with accolades that include  NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year in 2004, Offensive Player of the Year in 2008 and 2011, and the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV. Sports Illustrated named Brees Sportsman of the Year in 2010.

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